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The Impact of Social Media on HR Practices Conference
Social  Media play a significant role in most aspects of business. More and more companies experiment with using social media to brand and market their organizations. From now on, companies will take social further with organizations integrating social technologies into the way they recruit, develop & engage employees. This special Conference  of GPMA on the 2nd of October 2013 will feature best practices, successful strategies, case studies and practical tools on how HR can fully maximize the benefits of social media.
Conference Key Learning’s
What does social media and social recruiting means for a company ?Why social media matter to HR ?How to win the right talents with effective online recruiting platforms?How to strengthen your employer brand using online tools?How gamification will help employees’ engagement and redemption?How to survive a Social media Crisis and defend the employer brand?What are the best social media practices of innovative companies? What is our legal environment for social media ?
More information’s coming soon from GPMA



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